Posted by: Adam Roake | January 29, 2010

21st Century Kent

There are some stirring sound bites in 21st Century Kent A blueprint for the county’s future, a vision for Kent in 2030 produced by Farrell’s on behalf of Kent County Council. There are some details which seem problematic; for example, Terry’s concept of a continuous Coastal Park might struggle with the road stone and bitumen coating plant on the beach in Whitstable Harbour, which I help run, not to mention other more industrial seaside uses in Sheppey, Ramsgate, Dover etc. But overall the picture is appealing. The problem, as apparently Terry himself pointed out at the launch, is how to get everyone to buy into the vision and how to get some delivery on the ground. This latest Vision has a good pedigree. Last year we had the framework for regeneration, Unlocking Kent’s Potential, which itself complemented Vision for Kent from 2006 and which points out that

At more local level, each district (and in some cases groups of districts) prepares a range of community and economic development strategies and statutory local development frameworks reflecting local priorities in the context of Vision for Kent”.

No lack of vision then (or perhaps Visions even) and I hope that we can now expect some leadership from Paul Carter, Kevin Lynes and their colleagues at County Hall to turn those visions of the future into real positive change for those areas in the county with shockingly high levels of deprivation and poverty.


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