Posted by: Adam Roake | April 9, 2010


Home Builders Federation has, as predicted below, expressed their concerns about the proposed new HCA Design Standards. The HBF Press Release makes interesting reading because the concerns revolve around whether the proposed higher standards will make “house-building sites” unviable. The obvious retort that viability depends principally on what you pay for supposed “house-building sites” doesn’t seem to get addressed.

There is no criticism of the proposed standards per se and how could there be. It is obviously sensible to build decent housing that will stand the test of time, something home builders both public and private have not been very good at lately. So instead we see the home building lobby apparently arguing that it is more important to maintain higher land values than higher standards for housing. This argument presumably aims to protect the value of their land banks but it is unlikely to be a sufficiently high priority for the HCA to divert them from their clear priority to improve the standards of new homes and neighbourhoods built with tax funds.

And at the end of the day, if the HCA are paying for the homes, one hopes that the home-builders have the customer awareness to agree that they should get what they want!


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