Posted by: Adam Roake | June 4, 2010


It seems that the new coalition government rules the roost in radio land as well as the UK.  Greg Clark, Minister for Decentralisation, is clearly a fan of the Archers on BBC Radio 4 and has issued a news release, in which he says,

“I’d like to congratulate the people of Ambridge for taking the initiative and successfully saving the hub of the village!” 

He goes on to tell us he intends to give local people new powers to help them take similar action but he conspicuously fails to mention anything about new funds. I seem to remember that a key element in getting the Ambridge shop to stay open was the grant they applied for and were lucky enough to secure.

Will Mr Clark be making funds available to real life village shop initiatives? If not how will communities exercise the new powers Mr Clark is going to give them? And if so, should government really be spending our money supporting uneconomic retailers? Perhaps it’s all a bit easier in radio land.


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