Posted by: Adam Roake | August 23, 2010


Anyone with land in the south-west should have been excited by this report in Planning Magazine.  I can’t find any reference on the CIH website to where the figures come from or indeed any detail but it seems to me that a number of local authorities must have decided they can not only abandon the targets set by the draft South-West Regional Spatial Strategy but actually perhaps avoid making any contentious land available for housing.

If I had any strategic land in the south west, I’d be checking whether the local authority had a deliverable five year lhousing land supply.  Actually I’d be checking the housing trajectory in all areas where I had staregic land interests!



  1. Davdi Hickey from kindly dug out this explanation for the figures:-

    Adam, regarding your blog post on housebuilding in the South-West post-RSS abolition, I looked into it and CIH South-West said the figures were simply extrapolated from a previous NHF data that said 85,000 homes had not been built The SW figure (59,000) quoted in the Planning story would seem a pretty high proportion of the 85,000, though.

    Basically not very scientific then! Even so, there would seem to be a lot of Local Authorities in the South West and probably across the whole of the south of England, who haven’t identified the five year housing land supply that PPS3 still requires of them.

    I would be happy to talk to any land owner fed up with the housing policy hiatus about getting on with promoting their land.

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