Posted by: Adam Roake | January 11, 2012

Happy New Year, particularly in Faversham

2012, a New Year and perhaps a brighter one? As I’m sure you’ve guessed from my lack of posts, in the last quarter of 2011 I found it increasingly difficult to find anything bright to write about current housing design and planning matters. Housing starts and completions in England were drifting downward through each of the first three quarters of 2011 and it seems unlikely that the fourth quarter will be different. I’m afraid I don’t see 2012 being any different, not even with the stingy incentives the government can afford, because demand is so weak. That won’t change for a while, given the weak outlook for the economy resulting in a lack of confidence coupled with the lack of cheap mortgage finance. I fear that the government’s tinkering with the planning system is just that and will do little other than make negotiating the planning system an even more obscure and risky pastime.

However there is still a housing market out there, and personally there is a bright spark on the horizon. My first development, The Chapel at Abbey Place Faversham is reaching completion, so I have personally contributed to CLGs housing starts statistics for the third quarter of 2011. I am very much looking forward to seeing those figures translated into housing completion statistics in the first quarter of the current year, not to mention sales statistics in my Profit and Loss!

Please do have a look and if you sign up on our website, I promise to invite you to our launch weekend, which we hope will be towards the end of February.

All the best for 2012 and if you are looking for a stunning one or two bed flat, located in a beautiful and historic Kentish market town a mere 60 minutes from London, you know where to look!


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