100_10721I run a regeneration and development consultancy called urbanise based in my home town of Whitstable on Kent’s Creative Coast and working on projects throughout the south-east. 

I am developer and an architect with over twenty six years experience in mixed-use urban development including nine years as a main board director of a prominent London developer of brownfield land.

The Design Council CABE (formerly the Commission for Arcitecture and the Built Environment) have appointed me to their Enabling Panel and I do consultancy work through them, helping public bodies ensure that good design is at the heart of their building projects.

Until recently, I was also a member of the Whitstable Harbour Board, which operates the small and thriving commercial harbour in my home town – this is a property business which owns not just land but also part of the sea!  One day I hope it will be a thriving Social Enterprise instead of the floundering Local Authority mess it currently is.


I have a passion for the built environment.  I believe that;  

  • as a developer and an architect , I have a responsibility for the interventions I propose within the urban fabric and also for the public spaces around those buildings; 
  • our environment can shape and affect the way we live and behave and it is vital for the prosperity and well-being of our society that our cities, streets, workplaces and homes are of the highest design quality to suit our individual and collective lifestyles and culture.  We all have responsibility for this.
  •  sustainable development is not just a catchy phrase but rather an essential goal if we want our grandchildren to enjoy our planet as we do.  

My skills and experience include;

  • extensive experience of the planning system; a detailed understanding of planning law and practice and I regularly give expert evidence on both development viability and sustainability as well as design issues at Public Inquiries;
  • over twenty six years in practice as an architect with particular specialist knowledge in urban regeneration and residential led, mixed use development;
  • ten years experience as a developer and architect delivering substantial high quality residential led schemes on brownfield land in London and the South East;
  • close liaison with local community groups and a proven ability to accommodate their legitimate concerns and expectations within development proposals;
  • an in-depth understanding of the issues facing commercial organisations involved in housing delivery and policy within London and the South East.

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